Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Move the Box. New levels and some other changes.

The new levels, and the 'lite' now really means light.

We recently updated Move the Box and Move the Box (lite) games. The new levels were added to the 'full' version and the 'lite' version now has all the same levels but lower resolution graphics, so the older devices should be able to run it.

As you can notice, Move the Box is now supported by ads. We all hate ads, but risking being cursed by our players, especially those who got Move the Box when it was paid, we decided to do this, trying to minimize influence on the gameplay. Thank you for your support. We hope the new and interesting levels will compensate your inconvenience.


  1. I'm a little disappointed about the ads being included, given I paid for the app, but i understand you need the revenue. Any chance you'd consider an in-app purchase to turn them off? I'd be happy to pay a nominal amount to turn them off for a period of time.

    In short: game great, new levels great, ads bad, but happy to keep supporting your work :)

    1. I have the same feeling about this banner. It looks ugly, breaks the interface and most of the time advertises strange useless shit. I was resisting it during last six months. Of cause we can make something like 'No Adds' option, though this will probably produce even more hating to the game :) Will think. Thanks for the good words and understanding :)

  2. Can I have a refund as you now have adverts I don't play games with adverts as they eat battery life.

  3. What about a refund for those of us who PAID for the app?!!! How fair is that? I purposely don't download free games for that reason. Of not, I have to delete the game. Not worth the aggravation and anger I have over being duped!

  4. As for a refund, you can try to contact Apple. I didn't try this but heard that such thing exists. Or, if you have backed-up your device and haven't synced it yet, you can delete the new version and restore the old one from iTunes. But you will miss the new levels which in our humble opinion are very good.